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Поисково-спасательный отряд 

Профессиональная работа

Search and Rescue squad “Angel” (SAR “Angel”) – is a first in Belarus voluntary movement to search and assist search of missing people. SAR “Angel” was founded in June 2012 by a group of volunteers headed by Sergey Kovgan with the aim of searching for people lost in the woods.


Our mission:

Assisting in search and rescue of people lost in the woods and missing persons, encouragement and promotion of responsible behavior to adults, children and persons that are most like to become missing. SAR “Angel” is a community of people who are not indifferent to grief and concerned for the safety of others, altruistic people, people concerned for the compliance of human rights.


Today, SAR “Angel” has more than 300,000 online volunteers and people continue joining the squad. SAR “Angel” organizes events where volunteers are taught how to search for people lost in the woods, participates in events of experience exchange with other search and rescue squads around countries of CIS, creates educational materials for volunteers, conducts lectures to children and teens on how to behave around strangers and lectures about what to do when a person you know goes missing and also how to prevent such situations.


We call upon all people who are not indifferent to someone else’s grief to join SAR “Angel” and participate in our searches for missing persons.

We do not pursue commercial goals or material gain. We provide assistance free of charge.

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